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Shiny New Toy

So I've found a shiny new toy to play with/watch... It be:

I watched the pilot yesterday and am now up to episode 10! I love the pretty actors, the team-y vibe (as someone on crack_van noted, these guys just CHANNEL SGA...), and the canon slashy-ness. I swear Steve and Danno were making out with their eyeballs in episode one. I love the character development, the relationships, and the action stuff. While this show isn't going to make me contemplate the meaning of life and there are a crap-load of cliches, it's a dang fun ride and a great hour's entertainment (or five/six hours during a marathon >.<). It's a fun way to spend an hour just enjoying the shininess of Hawaii and all the pretty people that interact oh so lovely!

Fav characters so far... Sort of hard to tell right out of the gate... I adore Danny, but I've always got a soft spot for the Daddy figures in shows. They grow on me faster. Maybe that's my mind's way of letting me know my biological clock is ticking... *shrug* I just love the daddies! And his interactions with Steve! Holy carp, these guys were SO doing it by day one (see icon)!!! The meaningful glances, the snarky banter (McShep anyone?!?!), the pet names... I tell you, "Babe"!!!! That's canon folks, episode 10, Danny calls Steve "babe" just off the cuff. Not poking fun. The wordswasn't stressed or pointed. It just came out at the end of Danny's sentence as Steve's grabbing the vacuum in a normal voice, as if that was a NORMAL way of addressing Steve for Danny... Hello!!! Slash lovers rejoice!! LOL And I've read that there are more "babe"s in this show. *fangirl squee*

I've also got a soft spot for Chin. cccarioca , who is currently reccing Hawaii on crack_van , made the comparison of Chin with Teyla, personality and zen-aura wise. And I've gotta say, I can see the comparison. Chin is like the calm oasis in this team; he's the calm voice and the quiet supporter. I adored the scenes Chin shared with Danny bonding while trying to find Meka's murderer on episode 8. Their quiet rapport and support for each other gave me a sweet feeling in my chest. And I adored their banter in episode 10 while Kono and Steve did their diving stuff. Their easy laughter just me smile too. I love these two!!!

So definitely Chin or Danny for fav character, but I'm leaning towards Danny with the daddy stuff.

The slashy stuff is pretty much a given, eh? Steve/Danno forever!!! I don't think I've adopted a ship so quickly for a show since I can remember. I fell in love with Daniel and Sha're in Stargate SG1 pretty quickly, but I don't think I was shippin' 'em quite as fast. While I know that Steve has this "thingy" with that naval officer lady, his chemistry with Danny definitely has me more invested. Maybe it's the slasher in me, but..... the "babe" comment!!!!!!! *slashy sigh* Happiness. :)

So yeah, 10 episodes in and I'm hooked. Love the team-y interactions and friendship. Love the barbs and banter. Love Daddy!Danny with his Gracie. Love the pretty and shiny people and locales. And LOVE THE STEVE/DANNY LOVE!!!!!!!!

I like new toys. :)
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