Sarah Lynne (duonoaikouka) wrote,
Sarah Lynne

See icon, and yet, accomplished

Well, it's been an interesting day; if that's a way to describe it... Watch out, pissing and moaning ahead!

So I nearly killed an old Grandma who couldn't be bothered to look both ways before pulling into the intersection. Oblivious Grandma + extremely icy roads = almost accident for Sarah! Was doing errands today during my lunch hour and cut through some back roads to avoid Great Fall's busiest street, 10th Ave. So of course when I do that, the little old, stupid ladies decide to drive too. Thank goodness I've got pretty good and relatively new tires. Even on the ice, they somehow managed to find some traction. Add onto this worrying over a situation at work and the shin splints from hell! Yeah.... as the icon says, one of THOSE days....

OK, pissing and moaning complete.

On the plus side, though, I feel extremely accomplished concerning my reccing for stargateficrec . :D I've got my recs lined up and ready to go three months in advance!! That's eight stories per category and two categories a month... And that's through May!! I'm also a third of the way done for my sixth category. Then May will be finished. Dang I feel accomplished... I need a cat got the canary/smug icon! LOL Now back to writing up my angst recs to get 'em ready for next month. Be ready to cry people. :D
Tags: fandom, life, moaning, pissing, reccing, stupid people

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