Sarah Lynne (duonoaikouka) wrote,
Sarah Lynne

2010 Gymnastics Worlds Team Final finally!!

Someone, bless their little hearts, has finally uploaded the full team final and all around women's competitions from this last year's gymnastics worlds onto Youtube. Ever since I heard the FIG has asked uploaders on Youtube not to post this competition, I'd all but lost hope that I'd get to see this it. I guess the FIG has belayed that request, 'cause here it is!!! I've been wanting to watch the Russians win the team event and Aliya Mustafina the all around for months. :D She's such a graceful and powerful gymnast; I can't not get caught up in the beauty of watching her. And she's young! Only 16. So there's way more gymnastics in her future. And with some fantastic talent coming up in Russia and the US (Sabrina Vega!!!!!!!!!!!!), gymnastics is going to ROCK in the next few years leading up to the London Olympics! :D :D :D :D
Tags: gymnastics, youtube

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