April 1st, 2013

gw fanfic

due South and destiny

So I've been meaning to start watching an old TV classic from the '90s, due South, for awhile now. The whole police procedural with a very polite Mountie and sarcastic Chicago cops sounds like the perfect set up for humor plus the drama. And there's a wolf, don't yaw know? Where there's a wolf, there's a plus. And I had an ancestor who was actually in the Mounties in real life; I believe he was a g-g uncle. I remember even going up to Canada for a motorcycle rally with my parents and we made a side trip to visit his grave.

Then lately I've watched a couple fanvids that were recced on crack_vanthat clinched it for me (curse you, crack_van, for dragging me kicking, screaming, and giggling in joy into another fandom!!), Unstoppable and So Hard to Breathe. Now I've faces to go with these characters and *jawdrop* what faces... Frasier is so sweet, a doll, and I just want to huggle him. And then there's Kowalski... *drool* As I think I saw mentioned in the fandom overview over on crack_van, "sex on legs". How very true. And from what I've heard, at the end of due South, he goes off into the sunset with Frasier. I mean, come on!!!! The slash is practically canon people! The chemistry these two have in the second vid is just jawdropping. Definitely to look forward to in the later seasons of due South.

And now last night, the final boot kick from destiny hit. I actually had a dream about due South. Before I even started watching it.... That's the 1st time that's ever happened to me with a show I've only thought about and not even started. Now, granted, the dream was extremely odd, but Frasier was definitely there. He was riding his horse over streams and saving the day, no question. And yet... He was also hosting a seminar for women to find out their D/S categories (dom, sub, unknown)... 0.o... And of course we all did that by taking our pants off (keeping the undies on of course), getting into lines (for dom, sub and such), and then he did something our pants. Presto, we knew our dynamic.

Now where this last little detail is going to play into all the massive amounts of fanfiction I know is out there for due South is going to play in, who knows? But me'thinks destiny is knocking, pounding, slamming on my door when I dream about a show before I even started watching it. So today's agenda for vacation day # 5? Start due South!!