September 11th, 2011

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9/11, the day that will be remembered by every American alive on that day 10 years ago. It's scarred us, hurt us, and brought us together like no event has in half a century. It's sad to think that so many things separate us now, but at least we know that we can come together for a common purpose if we put our minds to it. It's interesting to see how tragedy affects a nation, what it brings out. 9/11 brought out the best and worst in us. It made heroic figures out of the ordinary citizen and inspired people to come together in support and comfort. However, it also inspired fear, intolerance, and two wars that have drained our country's resources and partly caused our economic woes today. It will be intriguing to see where out nation goes now onto the 20th anniversary of this tragic date.

I didn't know anyone personally that was lost that day, but I've had cousins who were volunteer firemen in firehouses 30-40 miles up the Hudson who worked Ground Zero, looking for survivors and clearing debris. I've got a cousin who lives in NYC itself and is a sports editor for a New York paper. I remember getting home from work at 8:30 AM Mountain Time and turning on the TV. After seeing the ever famous image of the smoke rising from Ground Zero, I remember calling Mom's job at the school district frantically to see if she had heard from Jimmy or if anyone else had been in the city that day. Thank goodness everyone was accounted for, on the day and during the aftermath. Everyone back in NY has also dodged the bullet of illness that has struck so many Ground Zero workers.

So for me personally, my family has dodged the bullet of personal tragedy connected to 9/11. However, so many others weren't so lucky. My heart and thoughts are with all those individuals on this heart-breaking day. May your tears dry quickly and you feel the love that this country is directing in your direction. I'd also like to express my deep admiration for the police officers and firemen who braved literally hell to go into the jaws of death to save others. Even if no one expected the towers to crumble, the idea of going towards a raging inferno instead of trying to escape is the epitome of bravery and courage in my book. Giving a life for another is the highest form of bravery, and these guys did it in spades. Love from a Montana girl, guys and

Also love and respect for all our armed forces overseas and at home. They're sacrificing their lives and time for our freedom just as the first responders did on 9/11. From what I've heard, many in the armed forces are there as a result of 9/11. It inspired them to sacrifice for others. Know that it is appreciated, folks. You and others like you are an inspiration for all of us.