May 3rd, 2011


Shiny New Toy

So I've found a shiny new toy to play with/watch... It be:

I watched the pilot yesterday and am now up to episode 10! I love the pretty actors, the team-y vibe (as someone on crack_van noted, these guys just CHANNEL SGA...), and the canon slashy-ness. I swear Steve and Danno were making out with their eyeballs in episode one. I love the character development, the relationships, and the action stuff. While this show isn't going to make me contemplate the meaning of life and there are a crap-load of cliches, it's a dang fun ride and a great hour's entertainment (or five/six hours during a marathon >.<). It's a fun way to spend an hour just enjoying the shininess of Hawaii and all the pretty people that interact oh so lovely!

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