February 14th, 2010


Case of the nerves.....

My brain is getting more and more keyed up as my first assignment as a temp approaches. My first job is going to be filling in as a receptionist for a month; my mind just keeps jumping to all that's wrong with this. A receptionist is the first person of a company many people meet. They're supposed to direct calls to appropriate personnel, answer customer basic questions about the company, and they're supposed to present a competent face to the public for the company. How am I supposed to do that if I only ever heard of this company three days ago? I can just see myself transferring a call to the wrong person 'cause the customer asks for something specific to the company, and I don't understand it. A customer asks me questions about specific medical options, and I just stare at 'em blankly..... I know that companies know that temps are coming in blind with no knowledge of the company, but that doesn't alleviate the stress of not knowing my temporary employer enough to do the job they're asking me to. People always say that they think temps are stupid, and they don't like 'em at all. Well, I say look at it from the temp's POV. I'm going into a job that I've got the basic, basic skills for (i.e. knowledge of how to operate a multi-line phone system, basic customer service experience and knowledge on how to deal with people situations), but with no specific knowledge of the company or even the business. All I know is that it deals with medical stuff..... That's it...... *sigh* I know I'm going to be so keyed up tomorrow that I won't be able to eat breakfast. Wonder how much sleep I'll get tonight.....
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