February 12th, 2010


If it rains, it pours....

Everything just has to happen at once, eh? Just got done taking my Mom to the airport so she can fly out for my uncle's funeral in New York. So not only is she going for a sad event, I've got to worry about her in all that snow back east. Not to mention all the terrorist threats against planes..... My older 13 year old dog will probably be dead within the year. I know when she goes, I'm going to be a wreck. She's been a loving addition to our home for five years and will leave a big hole in our hearts. And then my brother-in-law lost his job last week due to budget cuts. *sigh* Nothing bad happens in singles, eh?

At least the weather here is TONS nicer than Mom's destination. It's already 40 degrees outside with temperatures like that predicted all week. Bye bye snow! :D I've also got my first job assignment with the temp agency I got hired with last month. I'm a bit nervous as I'm still learning this temp stuff, but I'm glad to finally be earning some money. I didn't want to have to rely on Mom's help to pay my bills come April-May when my money ran out. That's all that's new with me in a nutshell. Now it's back to fanfiction!!
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