Sarah Lynne (duonoaikouka) wrote,
Sarah Lynne

Walking Dead 3x12

Much squee-idge rambling below!! Beneath cut 'cause definitely spoiler-filled...

Holy flippin' fudgesticks! Morgan's back!!!! I love how they did it. Seeing him in such a state was heart-breaking; tears were literally falling down my cheeks. He's so broken and such a prime example of how trying to survive the zombie apocalypse alone is NOT a good idea. Losing is son really did a number on him, but I'm glad that Rick was able to see him in that state. I think it's going to be the big bump in Rick's crazy train that hopefully derails him back to sanity (or some semblance thereof).

I liked how Morgan's return has tied so much back to the first episode of Walking Dead. From the radio to the theme song (when Rick picked up the radio) to the gun Rick gave to Morgan for defense, everything had echoes from where it all started. If Morgan hadn't been there in the beginning, there would have been no Rick to save his family in future. I'm hoping that Rick can return the favor and save Morgan, from himself if nothing else. Seems he can take care of himself when it comes to the zombies! XD And boy, hearing how Duane bought it... *whimpers* Just so gut-wrenching for Morgan. To know that his weakness in not being able to put down his wife caused him to lose his son as well....

And can everyone feel the Michonne love in the air?!?! Her character finally got some depth in this episode and some lightness, both in her interactions with Carl and with the rainbow cat. I loved seeing her and Carl work together to get the ever precious memento of the last existing photo of Lori for her daughter. As always she is definitely one of the most badass of the characters on this show and I relished seeing her in action again. More please!!

And on the topic of that picture, it makes you stop and think that this picture is the VERY LAST one of Lori; without it, she will only exist in the memories of her family and friends. And once the zombie apocalypse swallows them as well, it will be as if Lori Grimes never existed... Really makes you think about this whole show in a new light. About all that's been lost and all that stands to still be lost with the extinguishing of a human life.

Now where all this leads up to is the forthcoming clash that is being hinted at everywhere. Seeing Rick desperate for all those guns and Morgan knowing something is up with the need for them, it really brings home the ultimate battle that is coming. I'm geared up and ready to see where this Season takes us in terms of characters and action. It proves to be an amazing ride and I'm buckled and ready to go!!!
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