Sarah Lynne (duonoaikouka) wrote,
Sarah Lynne

Walking Dead 3x10

Squee-ige and reaction under cut

OMG, but this episode was just chock full of stuff to love. Points of squee-ige below:

-DARYL MOTHER-F***IN DIXON!! More background on him, interactions between him and Merle, saving the people on the bridge for absolutely no reward just cause it was right, going back to our group who so need him - He makes my ovaries explode every frickin' time I see him on screen. He's badass and yet he cares so much. He's not afraid to do what's right no matter who might disapprove (i.e. Merle) and he's risen above the negativity directed towards him throughout his life to become a man of honor, integrity, and strength. *fangirl sigh*

-Merle - I loved seeing a bit of a human side to him. His reaction @ seeing Daryl's back showed shock and sympathy I wouldn't have know he posessed. He doesn't seem so two-dimensional villian-esque now. I mean, we've seen glimpses of how he cares for his brother, I mean, he was even knocking heads with the governor before they even met up with Daryl's group, about wanting to go out to search for him. It's going to be interesting seeing where his character goes from here. Will there be redemption for him?

-the zombie killing action - I swear, this show provides us with more and more different ways to kill a zombie. I mean closing a car hatch on a zombie head!!?? XD Gross and awesome @ the same time. And how 'bout the governor's zombie-pooping van of destruction?! (my sister's terminology LOL) I literally squeecked seeing all those zombies pouring out the back into our group's formerly zombie-free-ish prison. Now they're back to square one. Yikes!

-Glenn - Gawd but Glenn's character is going into some dang dark territory. It's painful remembering where this character was just two short seasons ago and seeing him now after the hell he's been through. How much farther is he going to fall? I'm itching to see.

And then there's the point I wish the writers would wrap up. It's not dramatic anymore; it's just teeth-grinding irritating - Rick's journey into crazy-town. I get that he's in pain from Lori's death and all the responsibility of this group is drowning him. But enough with sightings of Lori and trips outside the fence to search for lost friends in the zombie rich outside! With the impending 2nd apocalypse with the Governor, me-thinks the ever increasing soap opera that is Rick's mental state is just going to be a drag to the narrative. I'm ready to Gibbs-slap Rick, it's that bad. *sigh*

Anyways, I'm so looking forward to next week, I'm literally dancing in my chair. Is it the 24th yet?!?!
Tags: fandom, squee-ige, walking dead

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