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Way to welcome in 2013....

So it's been an interesting weekend, and week really, in regards to things working right here in the Gruwell household.

I finally started using Delicious again in the beginning of December after staying away for a year. After the initial switchover, I found that I couldn't even access my tags, much less bundle or edit them. When I explored Delicious again in December, I found things had changed and I could now do everything I once could. Happily using it again, I find this week that Delicious decided to change everything AGAIN. Now any links added after the new change can't be edited at all, only deleted. I can't access my tags and bundles AGAIN to edit them... *sigh* So Delicious has happily chased away this user once again.

My windshield washer fluid decided to not work, requiring a quick stop into the Ford dealership this week. Only to find out that the washer fluid was FROZEN. Don't know how water got in there but neways, got some spiffy subzero stuff now. Which is good 'cause it's currently 16 degrees F right now. It'll be 6 with a wind chill of -13 when I go to work @ 630 tomorrow morning. Welcome, winter!

And now today, our Internet and phone line has worked only intermittently, causing much frustration all around. I mean, I was just watching where Bones and Booth were gonna kiss, dang it!!! Thank God I wasn't downloading anything...

And for a topper of an event, my Mom's oven door just spontaneously busted. The entire glass front combusted into teeny tiny shards that spread throughout the entire kitchen floor. The oven wasn't even that hot, just baking some cranberry bread. I mean, this oven handled cooking ham and prime rib during Xmas for goodness sake. It wasn't bumped, touched, prodded, .... nothing. Probably a microfracture that got bad over time or something but golly that was a crap load of glass to clean up.

So what a fun way to start 2013, eh? Maybe those Mayans had the right idea.....

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