Sarah Lynne (duonoaikouka) wrote,
Sarah Lynne

The Hobbit Soundtrack

Just received The Hobbit soundtrack today and OMG!! I'm in raptures right now. This music is epic and just gorgeous. There's a lot of repeated themes and tunes from the original trilogy, but I can see the usage as it's dealing with familiar locales, races, and people. The whole Misty Mountains song? *melts into puddle of fangirl goo* I swear, tis one of my favorite songs right now. I actually found myself humming to it while I was shopping for Xmas crap tonight. XD I'm so ready for this premiere on Thursday night. I even took Friday off so I won't have to get up early. I'll be a zombie, regardless. Now, back to my new beloved soundtrack. Is it midnight on Thursday/Friday yet?!?!?!?! *see icon*
Tags: lord of the rings, movies, music, soundtrack, squee-ige

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