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My world is pretty much revolving around this for the next week. Thank goodness I have a job that gets me out by 5:15, 6 at the very latest.

This Olympics has just SO MANY talented figures competing for the gold this year that my mind is boggled. The American team is the strongest its been in years. The Russians are poised to dominate with just some outstanding talent (Aliya!!!!!!!!!!!!). The Romanians are having a resurgence with a domination at Europeans this year. And the Chinese are always in the mix with few flaws and grace up the wazoo. My brain is almost ready to explode in anticipation!

Favorites to watch this year: Aliya Mustafina of Russia, Catalina Ponor of Russia, and Gabby Doublas of the United States, the whole United States team really.

I'm boggled at how well Gabby has improved. Just last year she was outstanding on the uneven bars and good on other apparatus, but now she's just mind-boggling-ly good on most everything (darn balance beam still posing a problem). She's had some hints that the pressure might be getting to her, but my heart is hoping she holds it together at least through Thursday and the all-around final.

Aliya, I'm so ready to watch you compete, girl! This girl has been amazing in the past, and I'm sure she'll be stepping up her game for the Olympics. I've been watching her performances on YouTube and she just is staying so consistent that I can see. I love watching her grace, poise, and just sheer determination.

Catalina, I've watched you in the sport for the past 7 years and am just floored you're still in the mix. She left the sport at one time. Then decided she couldn't live without coming back and trying for the national team again. And whaddya know?! She did it. She's leading a very strong Romanian team this Olympics and I for one am anxious to see them perform.

A major upset already this Olympics is Jordyn Weiber. OMG, girl!!! What happened?! Not even qualifying for the all around?! She is an absolute rock, her gut just chock full of determination and rock solid steadiness. Now? A step out of bounds here. A wobble there. And suddenly you're not even qualifying for an event you were a fav to win?! Wow.... Now I'm even more hyped to watch these finals. XD Gawd, it's going to be on the edge of my seat experience!
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