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due South and destiny

So I've been meaning to start watching an old TV classic from the '90s, due South, for awhile now. The whole police procedural with a very polite Mountie and sarcastic Chicago cops sounds like the perfect set up for humor plus the drama. And there's a wolf, don't yaw know? Where there's a wolf, there's a plus. And I had an ancestor who was actually in the Mounties in real life; I believe he was a g-g uncle. I remember even going up to Canada for a motorcycle rally with my parents and we made a side trip to visit his grave.

Then lately I've watched a couple fanvids that were recced on crack_vanthat clinched it for me (curse you, crack_van, for dragging me kicking, screaming, and giggling in joy into another fandom!!), Unstoppable and So Hard to Breathe. Now I've faces to go with these characters and *jawdrop* what faces... Frasier is so sweet, a doll, and I just want to huggle him. And then there's Kowalski... *drool* As I think I saw mentioned in the fandom overview over on crack_van, "sex on legs". How very true. And from what I've heard, at the end of due South, he goes off into the sunset with Frasier. I mean, come on!!!! The slash is practically canon people! The chemistry these two have in the second vid is just jawdropping. Definitely to look forward to in the later seasons of due South.

And now last night, the final boot kick from destiny hit. I actually had a dream about due South. Before I even started watching it.... That's the 1st time that's ever happened to me with a show I've only thought about and not even started. Now, granted, the dream was extremely odd, but Frasier was definitely there. He was riding his horse over streams and saving the day, no question. And yet... He was also hosting a seminar for women to find out their D/S categories (dom, sub, unknown)... 0.o... And of course we all did that by taking our pants off (keeping the undies on of course), getting into lines (for dom, sub and such), and then he did something our pants. Presto, we knew our dynamic.

Now where this last little detail is going to play into all the massive amounts of fanfiction I know is out there for due South is going to play in, who knows? But me'thinks destiny is knocking, pounding, slamming on my door when I dream about a show before I even started watching it. So today's agenda for vacation day # 5? Start due South!!
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Way to welcome in 2013....

So it's been an interesting weekend, and week really, in regards to things working right here in the Gruwell household.

I finally started using Delicious again in the beginning of December after staying away for a year. After the initial switchover, I found that I couldn't even access my tags, much less bundle or edit them. When I explored Delicious again in December, I found things had changed and I could now do everything I once could. Happily using it again, I find this week that Delicious decided to change everything AGAIN. Now any links added after the new change can't be edited at all, only deleted. I can't access my tags and bundles AGAIN to edit them... *sigh* So Delicious has happily chased away this user once again.

My windshield washer fluid decided to not work, requiring a quick stop into the Ford dealership this week. Only to find out that the washer fluid was FROZEN. Don't know how water got in there but neways, got some spiffy subzero stuff now. Which is good 'cause it's currently 16 degrees F right now. It'll be 6 with a wind chill of -13 when I go to work @ 630 tomorrow morning. Welcome, winter!

And now today, our Internet and phone line has worked only intermittently, causing much frustration all around. I mean, I was just watching where Bones and Booth were gonna kiss, dang it!!! Thank God I wasn't downloading anything...

And for a topper of an event, my Mom's oven door just spontaneously busted. The entire glass front combusted into teeny tiny shards that spread throughout the entire kitchen floor. The oven wasn't even that hot, just baking some cranberry bread. I mean, this oven handled cooking ham and prime rib during Xmas for goodness sake. It wasn't bumped, touched, prodded, .... nothing. Probably a microfracture that got bad over time or something but golly that was a crap load of glass to clean up.

So what a fun way to start 2013, eh? Maybe those Mayans had the right idea.....

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The Hobbit Soundtrack

Just received The Hobbit soundtrack today and OMG!! I'm in raptures right now. This music is epic and just gorgeous. There's a lot of repeated themes and tunes from the original trilogy, but I can see the usage as it's dealing with familiar locales, races, and people. The whole Misty Mountains song? *melts into puddle of fangirl goo* I swear, tis one of my favorite songs right now. I actually found myself humming to it while I was shopping for Xmas crap tonight. XD I'm so ready for this premiere on Thursday night. I even took Friday off so I won't have to get up early. I'll be a zombie, regardless. Now, back to my new beloved soundtrack. Is it midnight on Thursday/Friday yet?!?!?!?! *see icon*
gymnastics aliya mustafina


My world is pretty much revolving around this for the next week. Thank goodness I have a job that gets me out by 5:15, 6 at the very latest.

This Olympics has just SO MANY talented figures competing for the gold this year that my mind is boggled. The American team is the strongest its been in years. The Russians are poised to dominate with just some outstanding talent (Aliya!!!!!!!!!!!!). The Romanians are having a resurgence with a domination at Europeans this year. And the Chinese are always in the mix with few flaws and grace up the wazoo. My brain is almost ready to explode in anticipation!

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New Sailor Moon anime!!!

So I checked my e-mail this morning only to see something to make my jaw drop and my fangirl heart leap. laydeneko sent me a link to this news (provided below) with much squee-ige in the body of the e-mail. And OMG!! I did my fair share.

A new Sailor Moon anime is coming out!!!!!!! There's not a whole hell of a lot of details yet about casting, plot points, how close to the manga it'll be, ect. But just the prospect of this on the horizon is enough to make me sit up and take notice with a big fangirl grin. Sailor Moon was my window into anime and fandom in general. It's the first series I hounded the Internet for for fanfiction, meta, pretty pictures, and all that good stuff. I basically learned the internet in the late 90's looking for SM!!!! Oh the nostalgia..... XD

I may not like the final product when it gets here in a year, but the wait is killing me! Man, I need to go watch some anime again... LOL Can't wait, people!!!!

New SM anime~!!!! :D :D :D
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4th of July

Happy 4th to everyone! Got back from watching our lovely fireworks display with sis, Laura, and just enjoying some nice weather compared to other fellow country men and women. Was a lovely 70 compared to the triple digits elsewhere. The fireworks were lovely with smiley faces, hearts, and just bright colors. Got to also stop and reflect on how lucky I am to live in a society as free and tolerant as ours. We may not be perfect and back slide a lot into prejudice and intolerance. However, overall, our country is a haven for freedom and democracy. I'm glad I live here. Happy 4th, everyone!